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  • Let’s say you have prepared on your own - reading popular books, practicing with other students who are also in the same boat as you are. How do you know if you are doing it right? You do not want to be asking this question after taking your CS exam. Right? Getting assessed by a CS expert would be a smart move! It is better to know your mistakes prior to going for the real exam. CS -Do it once! Do it right
  • If you can’t get to one of our live workshops because of your work Schedule, family commitments, time or budget constraints this is your best option - a personalized evaluation of ICE, SEP & CIS from the comfort of your home by experts
  • No cost of flying to city where Live workshops are conducted
  • No cost of staying in hotels for the entire duration of the workshop
  • Best value for your money!

3 case presentations non stop like real exam

  • MDs give a random case from any system as doorway information
  • Student presents case for 15 mins timed
  • Student types Patient Notes for 10 mins under monitoring by MD tutor
  • Immediately Case 2 and Case 3 encounters follow timed
  • Personalized feedback at the end of the 3 cases on History taking (data gathering), PE, CIS SEP & timing in different sections
  • Online live patient note correction for 3 cases with oral feedback
  • Discussion of prioritizing DDs , appropriate Workup, HPI and Focused PE write up
  • Time saving tips and what to do when you run out of time - the essentials
  • Must do ‘s and don’t’s

Time Duration : 2.5 Hours + Patient note correction

Practice three cases Back to Back Non Stop & Timed

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Dr Mary June & Target USMLE tutors are available most weekdays to offer you the best personal coaching to pass Step 2 CS the first time! Please pick a time slot from the calendar that is convenient for you. Call 973-234-3800/ if you need a specific time slot.

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