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If you are looking for help with your Match journey, we recommend our partner, USMLEsarthi, who can help you with mentorship in all aspects of the Match including ERAS application, Personal statement, Research and publications and interview preparation. It is a team of physicians, journalists and MBAs, who have helped over 1000 IMGs and Caribbean applicants match into residency programs over the last few years, with a match rate of 87%.

As a special complimentary offer, all TARGET USMLE students will have free access to the Program list from USMLEsarthi- to help them select programs to apply for
(between July 15- Aug 15, 2020). This is completely free to TARGET USMLE students.

About USMLEsarthi

USMLEsarthi- We help you get your dream residency!

We conceived USMLESarthi with a simple dream - To guide International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Caribbean graduates - in their quest for matching into their desired Residency program in the US and to help fulfill their professional aspirations. While IMGs and Caribbean graduates make up 25% of the physician workforce in the United States, they face significant hurdles in the entire process of starting to prepare for the Match to the actual period of Residency and Fellowship training.

While there are hundreds of USMLE preparation and Residency Match services available,we pride ourselves on being unique and directly relevant to IMGs and Caribbean graduates.

We help you with

- Mentorship in all aspects of the Match

- ERAS application

- Personal statement

- Research and publications

- Selecting programs to apply

- Electives and rotations (with our partners)

- Interview preparation

- Rank order List


- Post-match communication and strategy

Our team has intricate knowledge of the US Medical System with our panel physicians having more than 60 years of combined clinical and research experience in the US in top tier institutes. All of them have mentored and coached numerous IMG/Caribbean applicants over the course of their careers. Our team understands and can relate to the challenges, background, credentials and professional aspirations of IMGs and Caribbean students preparing for US Residency. We have former Program Coordinators, AMGs, US Journalists and US IMGs on our panel as well and they bring a very useful perspective on the Match for our students. Our students have matched in all the IMG preferred specialties, as well as AMG preferred specialties like Anesthesiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery and Radiology. We have a unique mentorship model and we apply a highly customized approach to each of our students. Each applicant will get guidance and coaching directly from one of our panel physicians.

Check out the testimonials from our satisfied student- recent graduates, older YoGs, those with low scores or attempts and those who could not match earlier despite multiple attempts. Most importantly, we love to mentor IMGs - whichever service you are working with us on - we are ready to pick up the phone and guide you. So, if you are looking for highly experienced team committed to providing you personalized advice and support to help you achieve your dreams of graduate medical education in the United States, get in touch with us!