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What Makes Target USMLE Better Than Other Step 2 CS Courses?

step 2 cs preparation

The Step 2 CS exam of the USMLE is a cause of heartbreak (and bankruptcy!) among thousands of aspiring physicians. "Where did I go wrong?", students ask themselves. "I saved months of salary to take an expensive Step 2 CS live coaching to no avail. I know I did well in the trial. What went wrong?"

These are questions every student who failed the exam ask themselves. An easy answer is this: they took the wrong preparation course.

Target USMLE for Higher Chances of Success

Target USMLE was born to address the pervasive need for affordable and highly effective preparation courses for Step 2 CS. Through our online course, we have helped 2nd or 3rd takers pass the exam! We believe that students don't have to put themselves in debt just to pass the exam. Here is what differentiates the Target USMLE from other courses:

Beginner-friendly and effective video lectures and demos.

Target USMLE breaks down Step 2 CS into 7 Easy Steps. These 7 easy steps are presented through video lectures and demos which you can watch at your pace.

You are not obliged to log into a specific time; you can watch everything at your own pace. This makes the course easily accessible and easy to digest.

The courses also show you what is actually expected of you in Step 2 CS, thus effectively preparing you for the exam.

2. Study at your own time - anywhere.

Forget about live coaching that requires you to travel to a different state. Once you buy our course, you can watch it anywhere you are - whether on your couch or in the school cafeteria. You can also avail our one-on-one online coaching.

10x cheaper than live coaching rates.

How much does the Target USMLE cost? Just $50 per step. You don't have to sell your kidney just to take the course. And what's even better is that you can buy each step individually. Spend one $50 at a time at your own pace so you won't have to shell out $3500 if you can't.

Target USMLE is designed to help students pass the exam the first time. Our unique methods are proven effective by hundreds of our students who passed the exam.